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Take command of the A6-Gravitus
to defend the people of Jupiter
Colony, Metis One, against an
unrelenting alien onslaught.

• Don't go it alone! With Drop-In
Co-op, Player Two can join the
action at anytime!

• Grab power-ups to increase
your destructive and defensive

• Blast through 5+ stages of alien
squadrons, each more challenging
than the last

• Unlock unique fighters through
gameplay, each with their own
devastating special weapon

• Out of this World Original
Soundtrack by Cloe Song!

• High Scores!

• Secrets!

• Bosses!

• Lasers!

• Tate Mode!

• Fail States!

• Explosions!

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Alien Starbase
Forward Base Refinery

Enjoy short bursts of action
on the go as you once again take
command of Earth's most formidable
fighter, the A6-Gravitus.

How long can you survive?

It's an endless barrage of enemies
as you fight through wave after
increasingly frantic wave of drones
bent on Earth's destruction.

Battle it out with enemy bosses
to advance your score as you
aim for the top of the charts.

Designed from the ground up
as a smart phone experience,
the Eris Project features
intuitive controls to
keep all the action in the
palm of your hand!

now available

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